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My Best Tips to make a Long Distance Relationship Work

“He lives in the United States and I live in Switzerland. Being further away from each other is nearly impossible.” Karen lives in a long-distance relationship with Charly. The two have met on holiday in Ibiza. It should have been a simple party holiday, Karen wanted to enjoy the party life and relax during day time. Already … Continue reading

Overcome your Fear of Love

“At first, he wrote to me regularly and asked me how I was but suddenly his messages were less. I was irritated and I lost my self-confidence. I did not know what I should do and made a big mistake: .I sent him many messages, apologized, asked what was wrong and asked for a meeting. … Continue reading

Why you can´t find a Man

Most women I work with are very successful in their jobs and have their lives under control. They are smart, attractive and they know what they want: they achieve their goals. Nevertheless, they have a goal, with which they have difficulty: The creation of a happy, long-term relationship. They ask me: “Why can´t I find … Continue reading

The 3 Reasons why he doesn´t love you

He does not call, even though he was initially enthusiastic about you. You know that he finds you attractive and sexy and he has shown you clearly. Suddenly, his interest seems to have disappeared and he answers only irregularly. What’s wrong with him? At first he was in love with you and now he sends … Continue reading

How to make him fall in love

Can you make him fall in love with you? I have been working as a relationship coach for a while. Many women have the same question: I love him but he doesn´t care enough about me, what can I do? Normally, it would be smarter to find someone who appreciates your love. But that’s easier … Continue reading

Why Men Lie

“Unfortunately, I can´t meet you because my dog ​​is sick.” “Today, I have to cancel our date because I have so much work.” “I am not able to start a new relationship, because I got fired.” “I need to repair the washing machine and therefore can not come to your birthday.” These and many other … Continue reading

How You Can Make HIM Your Hero

Many women are frustrated because their partner doesn´t give them what they want. They are upset because he forgot their birthday or anniversary. If he doesn´t throw away the garbage, it makes them angry. Why does he never buy me flowers? Why doesn´t he know my favorite perfume? Why doesn´t he do this, why doesn´t … Continue reading

50 Shades of Grey – a modern fairy tale?

Finally, “50 Shades of Grey” comes into our cinemas. Some cannot wait, others will find all the fuss about Anastacia and Christian Grey already stupid. No matter how you feel about it, you can´t really ignore 50 Shades of Grey. Why has this story of the innocent, young Anastacia being in a very dominant relationship with … Continue reading

5 Reasons Not To Give Up On Love

Sometimes, life is like a roller coaster.  Yesterday, my client K. told me her story with tears in her eyes. She is in a relationship with a man who doesn´t really love her. They accepted that their relationship won´t work out long time ago … They thought, well, not every one can find the perfect … Continue reading

5 Reasons Why Men are Scared of You

„Men are only human.” I recently said to a friend. She laughed and said this was a good blog title. As logical and simple as it may sound, for some women this is not always clear. Sometimes we forget that men are also vulnerable and in need of love, instead we expect them to be … Continue reading

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