5 Reasons Not To Give Up On Love

Sometimes, life is like a roller coaster.

Tv boring couple.

 Yesterday, my client K. told me her story with tears in her eyes. She is in a relationship with a man who doesn´t really love her. They accepted that their relationship won´t work out long time ago … They thought, well, not every one can find the perfect partner


Have you ever thought the same?

Have you ever been really annoyed and frustrated because of your unfulfilling relationships?

Have you ever wished that you could turn back time and make some things differently?

Sometimes, everything comes together. As with K.

She was lucky.The new colleague in her office is single and finds K. insanely attractive. As she is in a relationship, she rebuffed him at first …

 Cheating? No way!

At a corporate event, after a few glasses of wine they kissed. K. had butterflies in her stomach and for the first time in ages, she felt sexually attractive and loved. A few days later, K. remains “longer at work.” The new colleague seduced her shamelessly. When she leaves his apartment, she feels guilty, but on the other hand, she knows: That’s it! That´s how it should feel! So passionate and fulfilling!

K. plans to leave her boyfriend. That won´t be easy, they purchased an apartment together and what will their friends and their family say?

K. is in love and is floating on a cloud 9.

But the new colleague isn´t. He suddenly acts cold and uninterested. He doesn´t respond to K.’s messages and obviously flirts with another woman.

A Player! Now everything becomes clear. Nevertheless, she tries to convince him to meet her. He doesn´t have time. Suddenly.

K. is desperate and doesn´t know what to do. She wants a fulfilling, passionate love relationship with a man who is faithful to her.

For K. and everyone who is in a frustrating situation, I wanna share 5 reasons why you shouldn´t give up on love:

1. It will get better again

You can be sure it will get better. Don´t hope it, know it! 😉 No matter how bad it is now, never lose faith in a bright future. Build yourself a vision: Imagine how it would be if everything was okay. Imagine how you would feel. Visualize a soul mate, a happy relationship, health, wealth, whatever you want. This vision will give you the strength and motivation to move on.

2. Don´t wait for happiness

You create your own destiny. Don´t believe that at some point the right thing is coming up, but take your destiny into your own hands. Whatever happened so far, you have the power to change it! Plan your life, find out what you have to change and do it! Don´t wait for tomorrow. Start living your perfect life now! Find information on the web, try out new things, get out of your comfort zone!

3. Your scars are symbols of strength

When we go through life, we get hurt, disappointed and rejected. That´s a part of your life, and it makes you the person that you are, because you have not only learned bad in that, but also a lot of good. Find out what it is! Only if you acknowledge the past, you can enjoy the present. What doesn´t kill you, makes you stronger and wiser. View all experience as a resource, as a strength. Everything that has happened, has brought you right on track. You are on the right track! Always remember when you feel vulnerable or weak: You are on the right track! Move on!

4. You’re not alone

When we are sad, then we often pull ourselves back. Don´t! There are so many people that go through the same problems, or maybe even worse. There are many people who have experienced the same like you and understand you. Always remember, no one ever experienced only good times. Seek support in a forum on the internet. Think of a romantic movie: The heroine goes through many difficult times, while we as viewers already know that in the end everything will be good. Would the heroine have more trust in life, then it would be a lot easier.

5. Share your story

Tell others what you’re going through. 9 out of 10 people say after they have shared their problems that they wish they had done it sooner. Don´t be afraid to ask for help! You’ll be surprised how many people are there for you and will be a good support!

xoxo Miss P



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