My Best Tips to make a Long Distance Relationship Work

He lives in the United States and I live in Switzerland. Being further away from each other is nearly impossible.”

Karen lives in a long-distance relationship with Charly. The two have met on holiday in Ibiza. It should have been a simple party holiday, Karen wanted to enjoy the party life and relax during day time.

Already on the second day she met her dream man Charly at the beach. First, she didn´t take the flirt seriously. She spent some fun time with him and enjoyed the long walks by the sea. Charly is a great man: humorous, easy going and very handsome.

At the end of the holidays Karin became sad. She felt that it was more than a holiday flirt and knew that she had been waiting for this man all her life. He was different from the other men. He had that certain something.

Charly felt the same way. He, too, was head over heels in love with the sweet Swiss girl. Karin wept as they said goodbye to Ibiza and she flew back home.

The very next day Charly called her. He confessed his feelings to her and wanted to try a long-distance relationship with Karin. Distance Los Angeles – Zurich: 9522 km as the crow, flight time: 11h 20min. Cost per flight: approx 1200 euros in Economy Class.

Mission impossible?

Can a long distance relationship work out? Can you be happy together?

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This is my recipe for a happy long-distance relationship:

  1. Build trust by using Skype or FaceTime (every day is best): talk to each other as often as possible. Writing on Whatsapp, sending FB-messages or email is not enough, because in this way you don´t see his face, and you don´t hear his voice. In order to establish closeness it is important to experience the other person. A daily Skype call in which you exchange your everyday life will bring you closer together.
  2. Agree on a time that suits good for both of you, despite the time difference. In a long-distance relationship it takes longer to build closeness. Therefore you need patience: learn to have patience with you, with him and your relationship. Take your time and don´t talk about moving in with each other at the beginning. If it fits, then you will spend your live together!!
  3. Trust your partner! You can´t control him (and even if you could: you shouldn´t!). Especially in a long distance relationship you can be haunted by the ghosts of your own fear. Let go of your fear and negatives thoughts. If you’re jealous, then you destroy the relationship, if you trust him, then you strengthen the relationship. In addition, jealousy has never stopped unfaithful people.
  4. Enjoy your life without him. You can also have fun when he’s not there. Remain cheerful and enthusiastic for your life. It just creates pressure when he has the feeling that you´re not doing well without him.
  5. Visit each other as often as possible! L.A. to Zurich is expensive. Collect miles in a frequent flyer program, look for cheap offers … In order to afford to see your sweetheart, perhaps you need to save in other areas of your life. That’s only for a short time and it will pay off.
  6. If your long-distance relationship has already worked well for a while, then it’s time to find a common place of residence. Your place? His place? Or what about a common brand new start?

Enjoy your life and don´t let yourself stop you from fears or limitations from being happy with the love of your life.

In the worst case, you’re going back after 2 years. So what? The main thing is you gave yourself the chance! We only regret the things we didn´t dare to do!


Miss P

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