Overcome your Fear of Love

At first, he wrote to me regularly and asked me how I was but suddenly his messages were less. I was irritated and I lost my self-confidence. I did not know what I should do and made a big mistake: .I sent him many messages, apologized, asked what was wrong and asked for a meeting. Since then, he never wrote me again.” This is what happened with my reader A.

I love a man and we meet once a week to have sex. When I start the relationship issue, he blocks. I wish we had a serious relationship, but I’m afraid to lose him if I refuse to have sex with him. ” B recently told me.

 “Everything was perfect between us. We were both very happy. When I realized that I really was in love and that he could be the one for me, I changed. Suddenly, I was afraid. What if I was not good enough for him? What if he wasn´t serious? I withdrew to be hurt from fear. He misinterpreted my behaviour and his interest became less. When I tried to save the relationship and told him that I was in love with him, he blocked. He has no interest for a close relationship since his job made his life very busy. ” C wrote me recently.

 All 3 women have the same problem: They are afraid.

 Afraid to get hurt.

Afraid that doesn´t keep in touch.

Afraid to be alone.

Afraid to make mistakes.

Fear of not being good enough.

There are many fears that we are exposed to every day and some of them are useful and good. In relationships, these fears don´t make sense but they only generate unnecessary stress.

If you have stress, then you act unnatural and strange. You say things you normally wouldn´t say. You are doing things you really don´t want to do.

What can you do to avoid the fear trap?

  1. Bring your fear to paper: Write down your thoughts. This helps you to gain clarity and takes the power from the circling thoughts.
  1. After you’ve written it all down, relax by breathing deep. Try a little “Flash- Meditation”: Close your eyes and concentrate on your breath for 5 minutes. Music can also help, I always listen to the Devi Prayer

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  1. Visualize positive events. Imagine that everything will be fine. Imagine how you’re happy and inwardly calm. See yourself as you want to be. Imagine that you have already reached your goals.
  1. When you are in this relaxed state with your thoughts written down and your positive images, then you´re ready to plan further steps.

You don´t need to be afraid, everything will be fine! So many people before you have already found new hope and happiness, and they all had something similar to go through. At the beginning, it is always exciting and you’re nervous. It would be boring if it wasn´t so. Enjoy the excitement because this excitement that you fear now, will one day only remind you of the time when you were still fresh in love.

It is not so important, what you do but it is much more important how you do it.

Do you feel powerful? Are you clear and honest with yourself? Do you know what you want? Are you truthful to yourself and to your feelings?

Then you can achieve anything!

xoxo Miss P

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