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Do you really want to be another One Night Stand?

… Gone with the Wind … the great love he initially promised you… Suddenly, he no longer calls you or behaves quite strange. Although everything used to be fine, you had great conversations, spent a lot of time together and had harmless sex. An American friend told me an incredible story: “A few years ago, … Continue reading

Can You Say NO?

We all have principles and values. Like fingerprints, our values and principles aren´t identical and they determine a big part of our personality. In almost every society or family, there is a morally correct definition of the word „principles“. Many of these rules and regulations come from a time where they have been determinded by … Continue reading

Should I Call Him Back?

Have you ever been in this situation where you knew that you should not call HIM back, but for some irrational and illogical reason you did it anyway? Maybe he hasn´t called for weeks and then suddenly appears? No matter why he is back, you know that it would be best to keep him waiting. . … Continue reading

Can You Find Your Dream Man?

Many women have a list or an idea of how HE should be. In part, this is a list of personal experiences: from good, like bad: Some qualities of your ex-boyfriend were great and you wish to find them again in a relationship but there are other things, you never want to experience again. If … Continue reading

Too Nice to be Loved?

Do you know this phenomenon? A handsome, attractive man is head over heels in love with a woman who has absolutely no positive qualities. She is conceited, selfish and difficult. Every woman wonders how this bitch got a man who really adores her. Why does SHE always get what she wants? Some men would even leave … Continue reading

5 Secrets of a Successful Seductress

My friend Lea is extremely good looking. She is also very proud of her beauty. However, she is less proud that she also belongs to the women who are – above average – exploited or dumped. “Being pretty isn´t everything,” she says “the media wants us to believe that, but it means nothing if you … Continue reading

How does your Childhood affect your Love Life?

Many women already know exactly what they want. And they also know exactly who they want: they want HIM. This one man, the special one. Do you also have someone like that in your life? Do you also know many men who are interested in you, but you do not care? Every one notices you … Continue reading

Friendzoned?! – How to Escape the Friend Zone

One of my readers, named Sun, recently asked me to tell her how to escape the “Friend Zone” and how to have a serious relationship instead of either being only a “good friend” or “a friend with benefits”. Sun wrote: “Due to various lousy experiences, which were mainly based on sexual encounters, I decided that … Continue reading

These 9 questions will make you more attractive to him ?!

It’s really exciting when you start to learn more about male behavior and male psyche. Sometimes, I even think that it is a shame that I haven´t known all this before. In my teenage years, this knowledge would have saved me from a lot of grief. But through all those experiences – and were they … Continue reading

How to Make Him Commit Without Asking For It

After numerous dates, messages and phone calls, you might think to have found the right one. He is smart, humorous, sensitive and sexy. You have been meeting for some time and you think that he loves you as much as you love him. However, you haven´t had “the talk“. You are not sure if you are … Continue reading

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