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Austrias sexiest Hypnotist

Hypnosis Magazine, July 2013

Petra Fuerst is not only the Expert for Flirting, Relationships und Love Tips, she is also Austrias “hottest hypnotist” according to Hypnose Magazine.
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Radio Interview Hosted by: Larry Michel – 07/16/2012

Title: Petra Fuerst “The Sexy Magik of Intuition”

Excerpt: Visiting from Austria, national celebrity and acclaimed author Petra Fuerst joins me live tonight in studio to discuss what women and men all around the world must do to truly attract the relationships they desire. Petra Fuerst believes that we all can find the answers to: ” Why is it so difficult to find a man or woman if we are ready for a relationship and in contrast, why is it so easy to feel attractive when we have no interest? Why are there so many of us looking for the right partner and what is the key to a loving, fulfilling relationship? How can we live the relationship of our dreams? How can we embrace the power of our intuition to “Magikally” create the sexy, joyful, fulfilling relationship we desire?”

Petra now lives the relationship of her dreams and loves to share her knowledge as we will see together on tonight’s show. Please join us for some sexy magik and maybe even a little hypnosis to add some powerful fuel to your fire.

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