The 3 Reasons why he doesn´t love you

He does not call, even though he was initially enthusiastic about you. You know that he finds you attractive and sexy and he has shown you clearly. Suddenly, his interest seems to have disappeared and he answers only irregularly.

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What’s wrong with him?

At first he was in love with you and now he sends conflicting signals. It makes you crazy – you want certainty and clarity, but you don´t get anything.

When a man doesn´t call for a long time, he has definitely lost interest.

Many women would prefer the following response: “He does not answer, because he is nervous and does not know how to tell you that he likes you.”

Unfortunately, this applies only in 1 out of 100 cases.

For all other 99 men, it is so that he just thinks that you’re not right for him.

The reason why he has fallen out of love, could be that you remind him of someone.

Maybe you remind him of:

1. His mother.

You are caring and give him what he needs before he can think about it. He told you that he has problems and you are doing everything you can to help him and to relieve him. You are attentive and are there for him. All-Forgiving, always looking ahead. Like his Mom. That is totally unattractive to him. Offering good food or care has never made a man to fall in love.

2. His Ex.

Every man has a crazy ex-girlfriend (or wife) in his life. A woman who drove him almost mad, who was jealous and controlling and has constantly put pressure on him. It is quite clear that he is sensitive to everything that makes him suspect that you could be as stressful anywhere near as his ex. A man is not supposed to be controlled or manipulated. A man needs his freedom to be happy. Everything else leads only to disaster. Let go what you love, when it comes back to you, then it’s yours forever.

3. His Dog

A dog is always loyal to his owner. He follows him throughout his life, and no matter what a person does, the dog remains loyal to him.

The moment in which a man realizes that you’re running behind him and are 100% faithful to him, no matter what he does, then he loses interest. He wants a woman who is proud and independent and can not be exploited. Set boundaries and stay authentic!

If a man finds you attractive and interesting, it’s because you’re GOOD ENOUGH for him the way you are. You don´t need to bake a cake, forgive him everything and to write to him all the time to conquer him.

Less is more.

Just be yourself and you’ll find the man who loves you for your true self.

xoxo Miss P

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