Why Men Lie

“Unfortunately, I can´t meet you because my dog ​​is sick.”

“Today, I have to cancel our date because I have so much work.”

“I am not able to start a new relationship, because I got fired.”

somebody made a big mistake

“I need to repair the washing machine and therefore can not come to your birthday.”

These and many other strange excuses women hear every day from men. Why do men lie to us?

Why is it so hard to just tell the truth?

How do I know that he is lying to me?

Men have a different approach to emotions than women. They have difficulties to see a woman sad or disappointed. They want to deal with women in a friendly way and don´ t dare to let them rebuffed.

Of course, he could tell a woman directly in the face that he does not like her and that he no longer wants to meet.

How will she react?

They will either cry and be disappointed or they will argue furiously and in both cases, they will try to convince him by talking.
Men hate that! They don´t want to talk about their feelings and analyze everything to the last detail. They do not want to feel responsible for your feelings.

THEREFORE: The easiest way for him is: the dog is sick. Then I can still be fired or whatever …

In reality, it is meant nice when a man is lying. He does not want to hurt you, he doesn´t want to say that you’re just not “The One” for him. He hopes that you’re well and that you continue to live your life just happily without him.

How do you realize that a man is lying?

It’s easy: Note not his words but his deeds.

He tells you that you’re a great woman, but he never meets you?

That´s because he thinks you’re not right for him.

He says yes, if you ask for a meeting, but then he wants to post-pone?

In other words, he thinks that you’re not right for him.

He writes to you and comments your pictures on Facebook, but he does not want to spend time with you personally?

That is because he thinks you’re not right for him.

Not what men say counts, but what they are doing. If what they say and what they do fits together, then and only then it is the truth.

If you are in such a situation, then look forward and get to know new men. One day there will be the one who is as much in love with you as you are and you will be very happy together!

xoxo Miss P

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