Why you can´t find a Man

Most women I work with are very successful in their jobs and have their lives under control. They are smart, attractive and they know what they want: they achieve their goals. Nevertheless, they have a goal, with which they have difficulty: The creation of a happy, long-term relationship.

They ask me:

“Why can´t I find a suitable husband for a stable long-term relationship, although I am highly successful in other areas of life (career)?”

This is a very important issue and there are many aspects that must be taken into account.

Why are women who are successful in business, so often unsuccessful in their relationships?

The way this question is asked, suggests that success in business excludes happiness in love. But this is rarely the case. Normally, those two aspects have nothing to do with one another.

If you are good in biology at school, it has nothing to do with the fact that you’re bad in mathematics, right?

If I’m good in biology, it is because I have a good teacher, I listen attentively, I think I can do it and I am learning with enthusiasm for the test.

When I’m bad at math, then it´s because the teacher is often miserable, I do not really listen attentively, I have a bad mood when I need to learn and I think that I can´t do it anyway. Before the test, I am afraid and I tell myself that the teacher does not like me …

Like at school, there are many “subjects” in your real life: There is job, career, health, friendships, hobbies, travelling, … and there’s love.

warum finde ich keinen mann newsocialdynamics

You are better in one subject than in another. It always depends on how the teacher is, on how the colleagues are, what experiences you’ve had, your abilities, your beliefs, etc.

Now choose an area in which you are really good. Maybe it’s professional, maybe sports, maybe friendships.

Now answer the following questions if you wish to have more success in love:

  1. How much do you like this area of your life? If you think about it, how do you feel? Good? Very good?
  2. Why are you so good in this area? Why is it so easy for you?
  3. Have you always been so good or did you have to learn it first? What made you continue? Why did not you give up?
  4. What do you do when challenges arise? Problems at work or with friends or motivation problems during sport? How do you deal with problems?
  5. How do you see yourself in this field in the future? In 1 year? In 5 years?

Now write down everything and answer the same questions again for LOVE & RELATIONSHIP.

I bet your answers will be less positive and confident.

Now take the resources and positive responses from the area in which you are good and apply it to your relationship. You’ll be surprised how fast you want to make progress there.

Everything is just a matter of perspective.

xoxo Miss P

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